Di NO a la LGTBIfobia

These initials designate the group/collective made up of lesbians, gays, transgenders (or transexuals), bisexuals, intersexuals, queers and all the other identities and orientations included in the +, which indicates that this collective is constantly growing.

  • L-Lesbian: Woman who feels emotionally, romantically and/or sexually atracted to a person of her same gender.
  • G-Gay: Emotional, affectionate and/or sexual attraction that a person feels for a person of the same gender.
  • T-Transexual or trangender: Gender identity which includes people who identify with the opposite gender from the gender they were thought to be at birth, and requires a physical process of hormone treatment (but not necessarily gender reassignment surgery)
  • B-Bisexual: Capacity to feel romantic, affective, and/or sexual attraction for people of more than one gender/sex, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily the same way nor with the same intensity.
  • I-Intersexual: Person that is born with sexual characteristics intermediate between those of male and female. Some doctors recommend parents of intersexual babies to have surgery on them to remove one of these characteristics, but there is a great risk for those babies who haven't yet manifested their real sexual identity yet.
  • Q- Queer: a term coined to define all those people who do not want to be classified under traditional labels based on their sexual orientation and identity. Queerness deconstructs normative sexuality and goes beyond what is socially accepted, that is, heterosexual, monogamous life, with relationships between people of a similar age and social class.



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