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The municipality of Son Servera has joined a program to implement the Integrated Quality System Tourist Destinations (SICTED), in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Labour, Government of the Balearic Islands. The municipality becomes one of the top five places to join the project. Pollenša, Arta, Alcudia Sant Llorenš and this year in addition Son Servera, offer to companies the possibility to improve their quality to tourism through this system.

SICTED is a project to improve the quality of tourist destinations promoted by the Tourism Institute of Spain (TURESPAĐA) and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), which works with businesses and tourist services to 28 different jobs, with the ultimate of improving the tourist satisfaction.

It is a methodology that provides a comprehensive and ongoing management of quality in a tourist destination with a new conception of the expected results, a focus on continuous improvement and an attitude of recovery and valorisation of resources and space.

It offers business and tourist services, technical assistance visits by certified consultants, collective workshops and working groups to develop proposals for improvement for the destination and adapt the company to service quality standards. All this, culminates in the award of Tourist Quality Commitment distinctive.

This award is given to companies and tourist services that proving the necessary requirements. It is recognition of the efforts and commitment to quality and continuous improvement, and also distinguishes the establishment from the competition. The badge is valid for 2 years, but is subject to annual monitoring evaluation.


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