Sant Ignasi d'Antioquia

Festividad de San Ignacio. Febrero de 2022

February the 1st

Is a festivity promised by the town as a commemoration of the ending of the epidemic plague that ravaged the town on 1820. On the 1st of February in 1821 it was the day when the military cordon which surrounded the village was removed and, from that moment, the Church has committed to celebrate a solemn mass on every first of February.

There are many stories about how the epidemic reached Son Servera but certainly it came on a boat from Tanger to our coast in May 1820. The only proved fact is that in August of the same year, the epidemic tolled more than 1.040 lives, leaving a population of 768 people. We hereby pay homage to them for the effort made to rebuild our village in all aspects.



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