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On Christmas Eve, after dinner with the family, it is tradition to go to the midnight mass. During the liturgical act, enters the Sibyl and walks solemnly to the altar to sing a song. The Sibyls were women who, in time of the Greeks and Romans, perhaps because they were specially gifted, they predicted the future and helped to solve tough decisions. Often, the Sibyl is represented by a boy or a girl with a colorful coat and a funny hat. She firmly holds a lifted sword in the hands. The entrance to the altar is accompanied by solemn music with church organ.

The Sybil begins to sing a very old song with a terrible meaning. The text explains the End of the World and the Last Judgement: events such as the darkening of the sun and moon, fire that ravaged the land and made rivers and seas boil. The Sibyl of the midnight mass represents the Eritrean Sibyl announcing the arrival of the Messiah and the Fulfillment and the end of time. After the last stanza, the Sibyl raises the sword making the sign of the cross, bles sing those present.

Along with the Sybil, the nativity scene made by villagers is another religious event which is held in the town, every year.

The new year is received at the Sant Joan square (Plaša de Sant Joan), where the church bells welcome the new year, then it is celebrated late into the night with confetti, champagne and music. This is a party where people of all ages take part.

The arrival of the Three Wise Men to the harbour of Cala Bona in a boat and then the parade to the church of Sant Joan is a performance addressed to the youngest members of the family.



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