Festivities in Honour of Sant Antoni Abad

Cartel Sant Antoni 2024

January 17th

Sant Antoni in Son Servera, Cala Millor, Cala Bona and Costa dels Pins is one of the most popular celebrations. The tradition began when we received the chapel of the saint by the inhabitants of ArtÓ on 3rd of April in 1968.

Son Servera, a village mainly based on agriculture, needed the presence of the saint in the chapel of Son Frai Gari (formerly held by the Servera family), to protect the animals as they carried out the heaviest work for the farmer. We know, from written documentation, that this festivity began to be celebrated. It is therefore understood that the mask of the devil dates from the beginning of this century. It is made of paper pulp and nowadays forms part of the heritage of ObrerÝa de Sant Antoni (Sant Antoni's association). A few years ago, a copy of the mask was made in glass fiber in case the original mask would break by being used. The Obreria de Sant Antoni and the town hall of Son Servera organize different events: completes, fairs, bonfires, blessing of animals and so on.

Over the years, the coastal area of the municipality has incorporated elements of the celebration to encourage participation, to preserve traditions and to invite our visitors to celebrate with us one of the most significant celebrations.




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